In today’s technology world dominated by IT Product vendors, System Integrators and  Management consultants, where does DBP-Institute fit? DBP-Institute would play a key role in Digital Strategy and Transformation.

There are others who also talk about the similar services. But clients hire DBP-Institute for 2 simple, but powerful reasons.
1. Price. We charge only a fraction of the cost of what most consultants with similar experience coming from the professional services companies charge.

2. Results. We deliver results with measurable impacts quickly. Based on repeated patterns we have seen in numerous client engagements, our “4D” methodology ensures that our data monetization solutions meet the specific and contextual requirements of the organisation. The “4D” methodology covers the entire data lifecycle and encompasses:
1. Define data monetization goals, strategies, questions that matter, and technology platforms that are aligned with the business and technology strategies
2. Design and engineer digital solutions and data models (SQL and NoSQL) within and outside the firewall that are compliant with enterprise level solution principles, patterns, and standards
3. Develop efficient, reliable, scalable, sustainable, and secure digital solutions and tie outcomes to business KPIs and results
4. Deploy the solution with proper validation, testing, change and transformation management such that the digital solutions are sustainable and traceable to the goals determined in the define phase