In today’s technology world dominated by IT Product vendors, System Integrators and  Management consultants, where does DBP-Institute fit? DBP-Institute would play a key role in the initial stages of the project especially in problem and opportunity identification and building a digital roadmap with data, process, technology, and change management  elements to leverage data for business performance.

There are others who also talk about the similar services. Our data management approach is based on business goals, key questions that pertain to the goals, and KPIs that matters to deliver business results. Please read below to understand how we do it and how we are different. Also read (Client section) on what our clients are talking about us

Our two main offerings are: Consulting and Education
DBP-Institute offers tailored consulting services in an industry dominated by product vendors and system integrators (SI). We improve your business performance by:
  1. Addressing business problems and opportunities in 3 main areas i.e. insights, compliance, and customer service
  2. Streamlining data models to improve data quality
  3. Building concrete key performance indicators (KPIs) to validate and track progress
  4. Developing analytic tools for evidence-based decision making
The education offering from DBP-Institute is based on 2 main principles.
  1. Firstly, our training ensures data management initiatives are tied to business goals, key questions, and relevant KPIs that matter for business performance.
  2. Secondly our trainings are based on solutions and not analysis per-se. The solutions we propose are technology agnostic and can be applied whether your core systems run on SAP or Microsoft or Oracle technologies.

The education session can be in the form of a 1 hour talk, 1 day  training, or even a 2 day workshop.
DBP Institute’s apprach for consulting and education is based on the 10 step Information Management Model (IMM). IMM (patent in process) provides the procedures and tool-kits  that transform your data into a business asset.  IMM can be applied on business data to derive insights , adhere to compliance , and improve customer service in the enterprise.

We have implemented IMM in critical business projects and published papers on IMM in leading  IEEE conferences and journals.


Why should you hire DBP-Institute? Below are 2 simple, but powerful reasons.
We deliver results with measurable impacts quickly as we have solutions to know where your MONEY IS HIDING. Our data monetization solution specifically tailored for the CFO, CMO, and CPO is based on our proprietary Data Monetization Model (DMM) (patent in process) which reflects our experiences from companies such as Apple, GE, P&G, Shell, etc.
We will have "Our Skin in Your Game" to monetize your data. We don't charge you a penny if you do not see $ value from our work. And when you see the $ value, you pay us only a fraction of the cost of what most consultants with similar experience charge.
Give us 4 weeks and we will show you where your MONEY IS HIDING.