Want to Work for DBP-Institute?
We are always looking for good talent. Below are some of the key qualities we look for in our people:

  1. Track Record - Solid experience in the field of Data Engineering, Data Science or Decision Science using atleast one leading technology  such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Tableau, SpotFire etc.
  2. Entrepreneurial Drive -  Quick learner, adaptable to change, and strive to lead oneself, teams, and the clients.
  3. Problem Solving Skills - Solve tough problems. Design and implement practical solutions that works.
  4. Communication and Collaboration- Excellent ability to work well with people along with good communication skills i.e. written, spoken and most importantly listening.

If you fit the bill, please  reach out to Prashanth Southekal at psouthekal@dbp-institute.com or connect with Prashanth in LinkedIn at - www.linkedin.com/in/prashanthsouthekal

Contact DBP-Institute

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